Squad for Kuwait & Malaysia Friendlies Announced

For the second time in three months: Kuwait vs. Palestine

National Team manager Jamal Mahmoud has unveiled a list of 24 players who will travel to face Kuwait and Malaysia in two upcoming friendlies this week. Amongst the players selected there are six who ply their trade abroad. Captain Ramzi Saleh will take his place in goal as he inches closer to becoming Palestine’s first centurion, joining him are Abdelatif Bahdari, Daniel Kabir Mustafá, Imad Zatara, and the Al-Faisaly duo of Khader Yousef and Ashraf Nu’man.

Left back Alexis Norambuena was called up but withdrew after picking up an ankle injury in Jagiellonia Bialystok’s 2-0 over Polonia Warszawa.

UPDATE: The Gaza-based triumvirate of Alaa Attieh, Fadi Jaber, and Houssam Wadi were not released by their clubs for these friendlies. Saudi-based Abdelatif Bahdari also was barred from traveling by Hajer. Daniel Mustafá did not make the trip and was replaced by Haitham Dheeb. 

The complete list after the jump… 

Club: Smouha FC
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 32 (08/08/1980)
Appearances: 75 (0)

Palestinian territories Toufic Ali
Club: Tarji Wadi Al-Nes
Age: 22 (08/11/1990)

Appearances: 12 (0)

Palestinian territories Fadi Jaber 
Club: Al-Jam’iya Al-Islamiya
Age: 23 (09/08/1990)

Appearances: None

Club: Hajer FC 
Age: 29 (20/02/1984)
Position: Center Back 
Appearances: 19 (0)

Chile Daniel Kabir Mustafá
Club: San Marcos
Age: 28 (02/08/1984)
Position: Centre Back
Appearances: 3 (0)

Palestinian territories Hussam Abu Saleh
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Right Back
Age: 29 (14/02/1983)
Appearances: 33 (3)

Palestinian territories Fayez Aslieh
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position: Wing Back
Appearances: 2 (0)

Palestinian territories Nadim Barghouthi
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position: Center Back
Age: 23 (09/05/1989)
Appearances: 8

Palestinian territories Raed Fares
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Left/Right Back
Age: 30 (06/12/1982)
Appearances: 17 (0)

Palestinian territories Khaled Mahdi 
Club: Al-Am’ary
Position: Center Back
Age: 25 (01/02/1987)
Appearances: 22 (0)

Palestinian territories Ahmed Salameh 
Club: Al-Am’ary
Position: Center/Right Back
Age: 23 (07/11/1989)
Appearances: 6 (0)


Jordan Khader Yousef
Club: Al-Faisaly
Position: Midfield
Age: 28 (06/10/1984)
Appearances: 41 (0)

Sweden Imad Zatara
Club: Åtvidabergs FF
Position: Winger
Age: 28 (01/10/1984)
Appearances: 18 (2)

Palestinian territories Abdelhamid Abuhabib
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Age: 23 (08/06/1989)
Appearances: 15 (2)

Palestinian territories Mousa Abujazr
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position: Central Midfielder
Age: 25 (28/08/1987)
Appearances: 21 (1)

Palestinian territories Adham Abu Rwais
Club: Merkaz Balata
Position: Midfielder
Age: ?
Appearances: 2 (0)

Palestinian territories Murad Ismail
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Box-to-box Midfielder
Age: 30 (15/12/1982)
Appearances: 17 (0)

Palestinian territories Suleiman Obeid 
Club: Al-Am’ary
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Age: 28 (24/03/1984)
Appearances: 16 (2)

Palestinian territories Mahmoud ‘Al-Koori’ Salah Sheikhqasem 
Club: Al-Am’ary
Position: Holding Mid
Age: 19 (22/04/1993)
Appearances: 5 (0)

Palestinian territories Houssam Wadi 
Club: Ittihad Shajeaya (Gaza)
Position: Holding Midfielder
Age: 26 (25/08/1986)
Appearances: 23 (2)


Jordan Ashraf Nu’man 
Club: Al-Faisaly
Age: 26 (29/07/1986)
Position: Wide Forward
Appearances: 32 (7)

Palestinian territories Eyad Abugharqud
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position: Striker
Age: 24 (22/07/1988)
Appearances: 13 (2)

Palestinian territories Alaa Attieh
Club: Ittihad Shajaeya (Gaza)
Position: Striker
Age: 22 (03/06/1990)
Appearances: 7 (1)

Palestinian territories Khaled Salem 
Club: Shabab Al-Dhahrieh
Position: Striker
Age: 23 (17/11/1989)
Appearances: 9 (0)

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