Ali El-Khatib: Turncoat?

El-Khatib: Turning his back on the past (literally)

I don’t think this article deserves the attention of our blog especially as the national team is in the midst of attempting to qualify for the Asian Cup vis-a-vis the Challenge Cup. But one quote caught my eye- the fact that he stated that he wanted to play for Israel at the national level. He must think that because he gave the interview to a Hebrew-language paper that word wouldn’t leak out to us. 
Thanks to call-ups by Moussa Bezaz during World Cup qualifying (three appearances against Afghanistan and Thailand) this is impossible due to FIFA’s rules governing citizenship changes. 
I’ll spare you the barrage of insults that will most likely flood the comments section save to say that Ali El-Khatib has a history of committing stupid and juvenile acts both on and off the pitch. This is the guy who got himself a four-game ban for a ridiculous tackle, decided to get married on a Friday in the middle of the domestic season, begged Jabal Al-Mukaber to help him get a release from his Hilal contract, committed to a four-year deal with said club only to change his mind one week later.
And that’s just a six-month snapshot. 
Every country has that one player who is immensely talented (averaging a goal every 86 minutes with 4 goals in 4 starts in Ligat Ha’al) but is mentally unstable, selfish, and extremely opportunistic. Ali El-Khatib looks to be that guy. I have no doubt he’ll leave struggling Hapoel Haifa for a bigger club in the summer

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