In solidarity with Mamdouh Hamamreh

We try to keep politics out of this blog. But we feel it our duty to stand with our fellow journalists. Mamdouh Hamamreh, a journalist for Al-Quds TV, is going to be put on trial for insulting a public official because of something he said on Facebook.

We’ve insulted our thuggish FA President- Jibril Rajoub- more than once. Let me clarify my position concerning this donkey: he is corrupt, sleazy scum. The worst the Palestinian Authority has to offer and he is only in charge of the FA to boost his own ego and because he failed to convince Israel to install him in place of Yasser Arafat. He makes his subordinates praise him in every interview, yet in his glorious tenure the National Team has managed a whopping ZERO wins.
We will continue to exercise our freedom of speech on this blog and we will liberally insult public officials when the opportunity presents itself.

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