No Gazans included in Olympic Squad

Due to the inability of the FA to secure exit permits for players based in the Gaza Strip the Olympic Squad that is due to take part in the 2010 Asian Games will be made up exclusively of players who bide their trade in the West Bank. Olympic Team Manager Mokhtar Al-Talili has stated that the squad is made up of players who are currently in form and that the squad could change between now and November. Al-Talili also expressed his regret over not being able to include Gazans in the squad who have been training separately under the guidance of former National Team defender Jamal Al-Holi. The following 21 players will take part in a training camp in Al-Ram from August 1st to August 5th:

Jamal Abu Safafa (Thaqafi Tulkarem), Daud Mohammed Daud (Al-Abadiya), Sajid Karakara (Bireh), Mohammed Saïd Abadi (Asker), Ahmed ‘Ala Hamed (Silwad), Mustafa Abu Kweik (Bireh), Alaadin Yameen (Ahly Qalqilya), Hassan Barghoosh (Thaqafi Tulkarem), Samaha Jabareen (Al-Dhahrieh), Hamzeh Wihdan (Ahly Qalqilya), Mohammed Shubayta (Asker), Mansour Adel (Al-Am’ary), Rami Musalmeh (Asker), Laith Kharoub (Thaqafi Tulkarem), Ali Fahmawi (Thaqafi Tulkarem), Hassan Hashash (Asker), Aysam Fuad Tabtab (Bireh), Hamdan Hisham Abu Awad (Bireh), Baha Nidal Barghouthi (Bireh), Ahmad Miari (Hilal Al-Quds), Luay Nassar (Ahly Qalqilya).

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