Must have been something I ate before sleeping

I had a bizarre dream today. It went like this: I was hanging out with some friends when one suggested to play some football up in Mount Everest. After driving up there(bear with me its a dream), we arrive at this little football field and start kicking a ball around. I had some difficulty breathing while playing and remembered that the air is thin all the way up here.
So I woke up an hour before my alarm went off and proceeded to try to go back to sleep. My mind wandered and quickly made the connection between the Himilayas and Nepal. I thought, man, the NT boys are going to have to get accustomed to that climate. Kathmandu is in fact 1400m above sea level. Palestine is roughly a little above sea level. Yes FIFA set the limit at 2500m but still the leap to 1400 could have an effect. I could be wrong, I didnt research air density Im just typing from the gut. Last I checked we’ll have a one week training camp in Nepal…hope thats enough to acclimatize

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