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Welcome to the Football Palestine Shop. We aim to get our loyal followers the best deal on all Palestine jerseys both official and unofficial. Take a trip down memory lane- with a photo montage of the first 10 years of Palestine’s kit history, here.

Palestine Jersey from Dahhan Sports

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Dahhan Sports has created the most iconic Palestine jersey out there. The keffiyeh design has been imitated by WBPL side Al-Bireh and is a staple at national team games- there was a sea of them in the UAE during the 2019 Asian Cup.

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Palestine’s 2019 Home and Away Jerseys and 2015 Home Jersey (R)

The website has a great selection of jerseys including those worn by Al-Fida’i at the 2019 Asian Cup as well as the rare Romai jersey that was due to be worn at the 2015 Asian Cup. Click on the banner below and search “Palestine” to unlock the best deals on these iconic shirts.

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