EXCLUSIVE: Abdelatif Bahdari reveals why he left Tale’a El-Geish

Bahdari with Tale’a El-Geish in 2016

Palestine’s captain has revealed to Football Palestine the reasons behind his surprise departure from Egpytian Premier League side Tale’a El-Geish.

After issues with match fitness, Bahdari forced his way into Tale’a El-Geish’s starting lineup in December helping El-Geish to two wins in his first two starts.

Bahdari would go on to make two additional starts (360 league minutes in total) and a 22 minute cameo in the Cup before the end of 2016. With the onset of the new year however the hulking defender failed to return to Egypt for the second half of the league season.

The reason, we can now reveal, was down to the country’s decision to devaluate the Egyptian Pound.

“I had an agreement to get paid a certain amount in US Dollars- to be paid out in Egyptian Pounds- but they wouldn’t adjust the amount after the devaluation” Bahdari told Football Palestine.

After the devaluation- Bahdari’s $100,00 yearly salary was more than halved with the Egyptian Pound falling from 8.8 EGP to 1 USD to 18 EGP to 1 USD.

Bahdari saw out the remainder of the season at second division side Abnaa Al-Quds after being lured there by his good friend- and former national team goalkeeper- Abdullah Saidawi.

The Gazan is now out of contract and fielding several domestic offers. 

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