Countdown to Australia: Zero Hour

Had a random end to the evening stumbling across a cinema and deciding to watch Interstellar – which I’ve been putting off for a while. Love it or hate it, the movie does do a good job of making you think of the feeling of going into the unknown.

A sudden thought I had was, “hey, we are in uncharted territory ourselves”. Then I munched on more maltesers.
Not long ago, you would have found us struggling at the oddest hours trying to figure out which Nepali tv streaming link worked best. Now we are on the big stage. I won’t talk further about the significance of the Japan match because thats been covered enough. Though I will say Australia is a very fitting place for such a venture. This country might as well be another planet! The time spent travelling to get here and the time difference with home sure make it feel like that. And what the hell is Hungry Jack’s?!
Here we go everyone, see you on the other side…

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