Final Challenge Cup Squad Announced

Sameh Mara’ba: Unlawfully detained

A slightly subdued squad announcement with promising attacker Sameh Mara’ba languishing in an Israeli cell for nearly three weeks. The Ismali Qalqilya player was set to make the jump to the senior team but was detained without charge after returning from the national team training camp in Qatar.

Although teams can call up 23 players; Jamal Mahmoud has chosen to only call up 21.

Five foreign based players are included in the squad; the most surprising inclusion is perhaps Omar Jarun who returns from an 18-month absence. Ramzi Saleh will captain the team while the team will lean on the experience and expertise of Abdelatif Bahdari, Murad Ismail, and Imad Zatara.

The attacking triumverate of Hilal Musa, Tamer Seyam, and Rami Musallmeh could make their official debuts in the Maldives. All three showed a knack for finishing during training camp and will be counted on to complement Zatara and Ashraf Nu’man.

Full squad after the jump…


Club: Misr Lel Maqasah
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 32 (08/08/1980)
Appearances: 77 (0)
Last Call-up: 2014 Challenge Cup

Palestinian territories Toufic Ali
Club: Tarji Wadi Al-Nes
Age: 23 (08/11/1990)
Appearances: 13 (0)
Last Call-up: 2014 Challenge Cup

Palestinian territories Ghanem Mahajneh
Club: Shabab Al-Dharieh 
Age: 23 (20/04/1991)
Appearances: None
Last Call-up: 2014 Challenge Cup


Palestinian territories Mousa Abujazr
Club: Khader FC
Position: Central Midfielder
Age: 26 (28/08/1987)
Appearances: 23 (1)

Palestinian territories Hussam Abu Saleh
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Right Back
Age: 29 (14/02/1983)
Appearances: 35 (3)

Palestinian territories Mus’ab Al-Battat
Club: Shabab Al-Dhahrieh
Position: Central Midfielder
Age: 19 (b. 1994)
Appearances: 1 (0)

Club: Zakho FC 
Age: 30 (20/02/1984)
Position: Center Back 
Appearances: 20 (0)
Palestinian territories Haitham Deeb
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Center Back
Age: 27 (03/12/1986)
Appearances: 12 (1)

Palestinian territories Raed Fares
Club: Hilal Al-Quds
Position: Left/Right Back
Age: 32 (06/12/1982)
Appearances: 19 (0)

 Canada Omar Jarun 
Club: Ottawa Fury FC
Age: 30 (10/12/1983)
Position: Center Back
Appearances: 11 (0)

Palestinian territories Khaled Mahdi 
Club: Al-Am’ary
Position: Center Back
Age: 27 (01/02/1987)
Appearances: 24 (0)


Palestinian territories Abdelhamid Abuhabib
Club: Balata
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Age: 24 (08/06/1989)
Appearances: 16 (2)

Jordan Murad Ismail
Club: Wehdat
Position: Box-to-box Midfielder
Age: 31 (15/12/1982)
Appearances: 20 (0)

Palestinian territories Ahmed Maher 
Club: Shabab Al-Dhahrieh
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Age: 22 (22/07/1991)
Appearances: 2 (0)

Palestinian territories Tamer Seyam
Club: Shabab Al-Khaleel
Position:  Midfielder
Age: ?
Appearances: None

 Palestinian territories Khader Yousef
Club: Tarji Wadi Al-Nes
Position: Midfield
Age: 29 (06/10/1984)
Appearances: 43 (0)

Sweden Imad Zatara
Club: Ă…tvidabergs FF
Position: Winger
Age: 28 (01/10/1984)
Appearances: 20 (2)


Palestinian territories Ashraf Nu’man 
Club: Tarji Wadi Al-Nes
Age: 27 (29/07/1986)
Position: Wide Forward
Appearances: 34 (8)

Palestinian territories Hilal Musa
Club: Khader FC
Position: Withdrawn Forward
Appearances: None

Palestinian territories Rami Musallmeh 
Club: Khader FC
Age: 27 (29/07/1986)
Position: Striker
Appearances: None

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