Challenge Cup Qualifiers – Standings

Group D Standings

Palestine 1-0 Bangladesh
Nepal 6-0 Northern Mariana Islands

Palestine 9-0 Northern Mariana Islands
Nepal 0-2 Bangladesh

Nepal vs. Palestine
Bangladesh vs. Northern Mariana Islands

Palestine have a straightforward task going into matchday 3. A win or a draw both guarantee qualification to next year’s AFC Challenge Cup. Palestine can even get through on a loss depending on the results. In this case, Bangladesh could claim first place by scoring enough goals on NMI to better Palestine’s goal difference (9 would probably do it). Nepal would have to beat Palestine by a 4 goal margin while hoping Bangladesh doesn’t get an 8 goal win.

Of course this is heavily theoretical – the way it is looking Bangladesh will grab the runner-up spot which puts them in the running to qualify for the finals depending on how the other groups pan out.

Elsewhere, Afghanistan play Laos to determine the Group C winner and India play Myanmar to decide Group A (a draw will do for both India & Afghanistan).

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