Squad named for Challenge Cup training camp

Mahmoud Sheikh Qasem – A tough presence in the midfield

Twenty one players from the WBPL and seven players from Gaza have been called up for the Jericho training camp in preparation for next month’s AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. As the matches are not on FIFA matchdays, it was understood from early on that the squad will be composed mainly(if not fully) of domestic players. That being said, the PFA has officially written to Al-Faisaly to request the services of stalwarts Khader Yousef and Ashraf Nu’man but seeing as how the Jordanian club will have AFC Cup fixtures around the same time of the qualifiers, it is unlikely the players will be released.

In my opinion the squad looks solid enough to achieve what it wants in Nepal. I was impressed by Khalid Mahdi and Nadim Bargouti’s showing as center backs in the India friendly so the absence of Bahdari/Jarun/Daniel Kabir shouldn’t be an issue. Similarly I think Murad Ismail, our Palestine player of the tournament last year, should be a first choice in holding midfield partnered with “Al-Koori” Salah. When it comes to offense, while Ashraf Nu’man’s absence will definitely be felt, there is enough caliber to get the goals necessary.

Jamal Mahmoud has a week to trim the list, and with seven Gaza players in the running, there will be tight competition for some positions – details in the rest of the post.

[Update]: Final Squad List as announced 25/2/2013

Toufic Ali (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes, PLE)
Rami Hammadi (Thaqafi Tulkarem, PLE) – First Division League
Fadi Jaber (Al-Jam’iya Al-Islamiya, PLE)**

Raed Fares (Hilal-AlQuds, PLE)
Adham Abu Rowais (Balata, PLE)
Haitham Dheeb (Hilal Al-Quds, PLE)
Khalid Mahdi (Al-Am’ary, PLE)
Husam Abu Saleh (Hilal Al-Quds, PLE)*
Mousa Abu Jazr (Shabab Al-Khalil, PLE)*

Ahmad Abdullah (Al-Am’ary, PLE)
Mahmoud Sheikh Qasem (Al-Am’ary, PLE)
Murad Ismail (Hilal Al-Quds, PLE)
Fayez Aseela (Shabab Al-Khalil, PLE)
Sulemian Al-Obeid (Al-Am’ary, PLE)
Abdelhamid Abuhabeeb (Shabab Al-Khalil, PLE)
Husam Wadi (Ittihad Al-Shuja’eya, PLE)**

Eyad Abu Gharqoud (Shabab Al-Khalil, PLE)
Khaled Salem (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh, PLE)
Alaa Attieh (Ittihad Al-Shuja’eya, PLE)**
Mohammad Barakat (Shabab Khan Younes, PLE)**

*Could be played as midfielders
**Gaza clubs

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