Daniel Mustafá joins Palestine

Daniel Mustafá, the oft talked about but never seen object of many a fan’s affections, will be joining the national team ahead of the WAFF Championship next month. He will join the Doha-based training camp on Monday and is expected to make his debut in a friendly against Bahrain three days later. 

In interviews with various Argentine outlets he mentioned that a Chilean friend (most likely Roberto Kettlun) was giving him tips on how to acclimate. He did mention that his being around his paternal grandparents gave him some insight into the culture but admits he will need to learn more and adapt. When asked about a potential pay-to-play scheme, Mustafá produced the right answers:
“Will I get paid? I didn’t even ask because that would be disrespectful. Players who are called up to the Argentine national team do not ask how much they would make. I am no different. I don’t care if there’s [money] or not. I would play whatever the circumstance, because it’s my blood.”

The hulking 28 year old defender has had a broad playing experience with stints in Portugal, Spain’s Primera B, and Ecuador before returning to Argentina to play for Boca Unidos in the country’s second tier. Mustafá was given the clearance to join the national team by his manager and the President of Boca Unidos, whom he graciously thanked for allowing him to take on such an important challenge. The Cordoba-born defender has appeared four times (three starts) for the club this season totaling 291 minutes. 

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