Preliminary Challenge Cup squad announced

Jamal Mahmoud with players during Monday’s minicamp

National Team manager Jamal Mahmoud has held a minicamp today involving 27 WBPL players ahead of friendlies with the UAE (February 24th) and Azerbaijan (February 29th) and next month’s 2012 AFC Challenge Cup in Nepal. The list of 27 does not include Murad Alyan (Hilal Al-Quds) who has gone cold scoring only once for either club or country since December. Also missing out are: 

Abdullah Saidawi (Hilal Al-Quds) despite being Mahmoud’s #1 at club level and the starter during the Pan-Arab Games,  Eyad Abugharqud (Shabab Al-Khaleel) who has not scored in the new calendar year, Mohammed Al-Masri (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh) who is out indefinitely after fainting during a WBPL match, and Ahmed Keshkesh (Al-Am’ary) who looks set to miss out on yet another tournament under Mahmoud. 
Preliminary Squad:
Saed Abu Saleem (Balata)
Mohammed Shbair (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Toufic Ali (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Fahed Al-Fakhuri (Thaqafi Tulkarem)

Ahmed Harbi (Al-Am’ary)
Khaled Mahdi (Al-Am’ary)
Ahmed Salameh (Al-Amary)
Ahmed Nasasrah (Balata)
Husam Abu Saleh (Hilal Al-Quds)
Haitham Dheeb (Hilal Al-Quds)
Raed Fares (Hilal Al-Quds)
Ra’fit Eyad (Jabal Al-Mukaber)
Nadeem Barghouthi (Shabab Al-Khaleel)

Ismail Amour (Al-Am’ary)
Ma’ly Kawre’ (Al-Am’ary)
Suleiman Obeid (Al-Am’ary)
Mahmoud “Al-Koori” Salah (Al-Am’ary)
Abdelhamid Abuhabib (Balata)
Murad Ismail (Hilal Al-Quds)
Musa Abujazr (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Ashraf Nu’man (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Khader Youssef (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Atef Abu Bilal (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)
Ahmed Maher (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)

Khaled Salem (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)
Fahed Attal (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Mohammed Jamal (Shabab Al-Khaleel)

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