Pre-match Comment: Olympic Qualifier 2nd Leg – Palestine vs. Bahrain

The away game score has given us plenty of reason to be confident about today’s result, especially that this time the team will have the backing of home fans and the comfort of playing on home turf. While this confidence is warranted for the most part, take it from a seasoned follower (me!) that a reality check is sometimes in order..we are after all facing the Bahraini school of football. On the senior level, they are a regular contender giving the powerhouses a run for their money. On the Olympic level, they are no strangers to the final round of qualifiers. I will admit I kind of flinched when I read the remarks of the Bahrain coach Shreida from yesterdays press conference saying Bahraini football will live up to its name today. They have nothing to lose and will push with everything they have.

With that in mind, I believe our boys are going to pull through today. As young as they are, this team is tactically mature and reflects the upward momentum Palestinian football has been experiencing in the last three years. As nerve wracking as it might turn out to be, enjoy the match!

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