Who wants an official Palestine NT Jersey?

I bet every single one of our readers would be interested in purchasing one. We get emails, comments, and posts on a weekly basis from people asking where they can buy one. The problem is two-fold:
Firstly, the Palestinian National Team does not have an official sponsor (Diadora provided the kits for the National Team the last time out while Peak outfitted the Olympic Team).
Secondly, even when the team had an official sponsor, the anticipated lack of demand led the company (Diadora in the early years, followed by Le Coq Sportif) not to mass produce and sell it to the public.
Well we’ve decided to do something about this after seeing US Soccer fans successfully lobby Nike for a red jersey.
So here is our idea: We have another Twitter account requesting an official supplier to kit the team out in a green jersey with black and red trim. In order for this to be successful we need our readers to spread the word. Forward the page to your friends and have them follow it. This is only going to work if we get thousands of people on board. Help us make this happen!

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