Transfer News & Speculation: Could Bahdari be headed to the Saudi League?

Kamel Gharib of Al-Aqsa reports that Saudi side Najran are in advanced negotiations with Abdelatif Bahrdari to secure his services for the upcoming season. There are also other reports that say that Bahdari has received several offers from Jordanian, Kuwaiti, and even WBPL clubs. One of the issues here is Bahrdari’s contract status, he had originally signed on a 1-year $40,000 contract, but earned an extension of 3 years. At least that is what Al-Ghad and what we then relayed back in July.

Reports are either saying that Bahdari’s rights are tied with his former Gaza club- Khadamat Rafah. Others are saying that he is out of contract and could move on a Bosman after playing the Jordanian Cup Final with Wehdat this Friday.
If he does move he will most certainly not be short of choices, the most intriguing and serious offer is the one from Najran. The Saudi side was relegated from the Zain Saudi League this season but are known to be one of those yo-yo clubs (ala West Bromwich Albion). The club would be able to offer him a lot more than his current salary of $40,000/year the downside is that he would have to spend at least a year in the Second Division. The upside is that he could be playing in one of the strongest leagues in Asia in a year’s time and could position himself to move to a bigger club or even a bigger league

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