Squad list to face Sudan

Manager Mousa Bezaz released the list of players he’s called up to face Sudan next month. The fact that the match is in June helps as we’ve been able to call up many of our players abroad (8).

If there is any experimenting going on its in the defence with a couple of new faces and the absence of veteran Bishara, though the presence of Bahdari and Abusidu will ensure there is experience on the field.
Mohammed Samara will definitely take on a playmaker role and this is a relief as we have been lacking in that position lately. In offense, we have the usual list of strikers.
While questions could be raised, this is the most solid squad we have seen in a while.

Notable call ups: Ramzi Saleh(after a long absence due to club commitments), Mohammed Samara

Notable absences: Roberto Bishara(personal reasons), Ismail Amour(disciplinary reasons)

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