Bahrain match postponed

Rajoub acting like a douchebag in Manama yesterday.
After a meeting between the two FA presidents in Manama yesterday the match scheduled for May 29th in Al-Ram has been postponed. According to Bahraini FA President Sheikh Salman Al-Khalifa this is due to the departure of Milan Macala two weeks ago. No alternate date was announced for a future matchup but it seems that Bahrain is committed to playing the game after Chairman Rajoub guaranteed that the Bahraini team would not be subjected to any Israeli presence during their time in the West Bank.

How the FA Chairman and thuggish slimeball can guarantee this nearly impossible demand remains a mystery. Rajub apparently did make some good of his trip, meeting the Sudani FA head in Doha and arranging a friendly to be played in Khartoum on June 4th.

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