Go out and buy these video games. NOW!

Personally, we happen to think that the greatest football video game of all time was FIFA 2002. Why? Because it had Palestine in it, with all the player names to boot. Well it’s been a long wait but finally we get to play with a full licensed Palestinian National Team in the new FIFA World Cup 2o1o. 199 FULLY LICENSED teams will be on offer and Palestine is one of them. You can guide Palestine through their failed qualification bid and lead them straight to the World Cup. There are also some really cool features like Zakumi’s Dream Team and Captain Your Country… Everyone should buy this game declare your allegiance to Palestine and kick some ass in the online play. More details here. And yes I just pre-ordered this for my Wii… it’s going to be an awesome summer*.
On a related note, a user named Boca contacted me on the Bigsoccer forums asking for an up-to-date Palestine NT line-up. So if anyone with Pro Evolution Soccer is in the mood to play with Saleh-Abusidu-Jarun-Bahdari-Bishara-Zatara-Samara-Abdala-El-Amour-Keshkesh-Attal. You can download the patch here.
*All online challenges accepted starting 5/15/2010.

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