Comment: UAE v Palestine

As put it, the UAE could avenge its defeat to us 10 years ago in the Saturday friendly.
I think its obvious we are facing a much stronger UAE than the one we faced 10 years back. Their domestic league has greatly developed since then and it is one of the top leagues in Asia. Not to mention their star players like Ismail Matar.
I feel confident with Ramzi Saleh in goal and Bahdari and Abo Sido in defence, but we continue to lack in the midfield. Mousa Bazzaz(still havent agreed on spelling) hasnt revealed the formation he will use but with the squad list its fairly obvious who is going to be where. He has options in the offense with Ahmad Keshkesh, Fadi Lafi and Fahd Attal present.
The match is at 15:00 GMT, my only issue is that it kind of conflicts with the Bahrain-New Zealand match which I plan to follow with my Bahraini friend. But then again, who of us hasnt watched two matches simultaneously before?
Many in the Palestinian footballing community arent happy with the PFA or the national team. Im pissed off myself. A solid performance tommorow might change that, but I am not going to bet on it.

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