Palestine dropped from Nehru Cup

After reports surfaced that Palestine would be represented by a Jerusalem Select Team, the organizing committee has decided to revoke Palestine’s invitation to participate in the tournament.

I completely support this decision, we should have taken this opportunity to play some internationals against some teams we match up evenly with (Lebanon, India, Kyrgyzstan) and Syria. Jibril Rajoub and tits-man Moussa Bezaz better get their heads out of their asses because we have one year to jump a good 30 places in the FIFA rankings and get ourselves out of the gutter (177th FIFA, 40th out of 46th AFC) rankings wise, because the AFC is keeping their ridiculous qualifying format and it could be two games and bye-bye Brazil 2014. But what would we the fans know? Let’s just keep playing ceremonial games… don’t even attempt to put together a best XI that includes our best players… because that really isn’t the point of a national team.

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