Palestine 0 – 0 Nepal

Hard to really give decent commentary about the match, many of us were put in the wrong kind of mood when every Nepalese television station decided to broadcast horse racing instead of the match. That said, in case you haven’t heard the match ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw. According to coach Izzat Hamzeh, this was the worst performance the team gave under his tenure. This draw puts more pressure on the team to win its final game against Kyrgyzstan. It is a win and you’re in scenario and we shall be hoping that Nepal do us a favor and hold Kyrgyzstan to a draw on the 28th as well.

The consensus about today’s game was that Nepal punched above their weight to compete with a faster and more physical opponent. Mohammed Eshbair, filling in for Ramzi Saleh, made several key saves. Nepal played short passes, while the Palestinians favored a long-ball approach. Despite the disappointment, qualification (with a three team group) was always going to come down to beating Kyrgyzstan. Let us hope that this setback will refocus the team.

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