Nepal Coach Reacts To Hamzah Comments

We have been hearing sound bytes from our coaching staff and pundits for the past month, why not get the other side of the argument? From

Nepal Coach Yogamber Suwal has started punch-game-show with Palestine Coach saying they could imagine about the selection to the final round, but not in real.
When asked Suwal about the statement given by Palestine Coach Hamza about the selection from this qualifying matches, Suwal sarcastically said, “They are challenging the bee hive. You can easily imagine what will happen when you buzz bee hive”.
“We have the best team right at the moment”, Suwal said, “Thats why we are eying for the final round”. “Of course, the match will be tight but I am very optimistic that my charges would display excellent game to select for the final round, Suwal explained when asked him about the superiority of the visiting team.
“We are playing at home ground. Thousands of crowd will support us”, Suwal added, “That will definitely boost our team to win the matches”.

Coach Suwal was responding to the optimistic comments Hamzah has been making in the build up to Thursdays match. Specifically comments Hamzah made in a press conference held in the Kathmandu Grand Hotel,where our national team is staying, in which he expressed full confidence in his squad’s ability to qualify to the finals.
In previous comments to the press Suwal, while stressing his confidence in his teams goalkeeping and defense, expressed concern over his offensive line.

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