Jordan training camp call-up list

Domestic league players(23):
Abdullah AlSaidawi, Asim Abu Asi, Mohammed Eshbair(Goalkeepers)
Mohamed AbdulJawad, Samer Hijazi, Ammar Abu Sleisel, Mustafa Abu Kweik, Khadr Yousef, Ma’aley Kawre’a, Ashraf No’man, Ismail Amour, Shaadi A’lan, Saeed Sobakhi, Mohamad Ashour, AbdulLatif Bahdari, Nadim Barghouthi, Sameeh Yousef, Ayman Hindi, Hisham Salhi, Mustafa Kan’an, Ma’en Obeid, Ahmad ‘Alan, Ahmad Abu Thaher

Foreign league players(7):
Roberto Bishara, Ramzi Saleh, Fadi Lafi, Fahd Attal, Ahmad Keshkesh, Majed Abu Sido, Shareef Adnan


According to the sqaud list, our defence and forwards are excellent, but we lack in the midfield. Ezzat could have called up an experienced midfielder like Mohamed Samara, or at least gave Roberto Katlun a shot.

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