World Cup 2018 Bid

Wouldn’t you know it,Palestine is all but officially in the race to host the 2018 World Cup.The proposal isn’t to go solo,rather it is a suggested joint bid with Israel.

Going through the official website,you couldn’t help but get a feeling this bid was started by extreme peaceniks on both sides of the conflict,I mean come on, that Wishful News section almost comes off as delirious.

My first reaction was “SIGN ME UP!!.“I would love to see my team in the World Cup.But after a bit of mulling I couldn’t help but feel something isn’t right.Correct me if I’m wrong,but a pre-requisite for co-hosting is that ties are normal between the two said nations.

So lets assume that the bid actually won(without the status quo changing) and the 2018 World Cup was jointly hosted by Palestine and Israel.It’ll be like saying to the world and to ourselves,hey,everything is cool between us.No 1000’s of prisoners,no occupied territory.Its like forcing yourself to go to a dinner party even though you have a really bad case of the flu.

Don’t get me wrong,this isn’t a bad idea,its just that we aren’t ready for it.Though it was fun seeing my hometown of Tulkarem as a proposed World Cup host city.

Those are my two cents,let me know your opinions

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